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We know how important your valuables are to you and that they sometimes represent more than just cash

Pawn, Sell or Buy Art Pieces

Cash for Art in Illinois & Iowa | Pawn King

We deal many forms of art from historical pieces to modern day creations, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media art. We concentrate mostly on local, regional, national, and internationally listed artistes. Come and visit any Pawn King and you will be treated with top customer service, knowledgeable staff and a clean well organized store to match. Our professionals have a high quality training that is far superior to other pawn shops. We will evaluate and store your pieces with unmatched professionalism and care. Call and make an appointment as we have private viewing rooms at most of our locations however you are welcome to stop by anytime.

Another Advantage

Another superior aspect of Pawn King is the manner in which we secure and handle your art piece. We take this aspect of our company very seriously and want you to be completely comfortable when choosing to do business with us. We are a well established business with no cash limits. Come see us today!

For further questions call any of our Pawn King shops

What is ART for the Pawn Lending Industry?

Art to us doesn't just include paintings and sculptures. It is also mixed media, drawings, architecture, ceramics, photography, and other forms of expression. These pieces can range from historical creations to contemporary works. They can come from artists at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Since many are new to this process, our staff provides superior customer service to help you get the most out of your experience. With top quality training and unmatched professionalism, our staff members are highly qualified to evaluate each piece brought to our center.

Once our staff evaluate your proposed piece, they will make an offer to gain full rights to it in exchange for an agreed-upon sum.